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How to develop your fast bowling

In a game of cricket, Bowlers can be mainly classified into 3 categories: Fast, Medium Fast and Spin Bowlers. Cricket is a game, which is said to be more a batsman gracious game. In a game where batsmen have all the recompense, bowlers must make use of all the cricket bowling tips that they have up their sleeves to worry the batsman.

To turn out to be a winning bowler you must have some amount of usual aptitude. Most of the winning bowlers of the world like Lathish Malinga, Brett Lee, and Zaheer Khan have very fit body and based on their natural bowling ability they have been hugely winning. Whether you are a fast, slow or spin bowler, you must know the entire cricket bowling tips to be a victorious bowler. A good bowler by no means lets go of any option to be taught any new cricket bowling commands.

To be a victorious bowler primary and leading you must have the perfect grip for holding the ball properly. There is a dissimilar grip and way of asset the ball for spinners and fast bowlers. So depending on the kind of bowler, one must choose the proper grip for asset the ball. Nevertheless, there is a basic grip that you can use for asset the cricket ball in your hand. This hold is to keep the seam of the ball rank. You must hold the ball with your middle finger and guide finger with the closure in between.

Being actually fit is one of the most important criterions for being a successful bowler. There has barely been any bowler in the global cricket arena, which has not been injured all through his cricketing profession. In fact wounds are part and parcel of any bowlers life. So if you want to be become the best bowler in the world you will have to take particular care of your body. Follow a strict cut down regime and exercise frequently to have the perfect body weight and shape to become a victorious bowler.

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How to improve your Spin bowling

The spin bowler is a type element in the bowling line up of any cricket team, the skill of Anil kumble, Shane Warne, Harbhajan singh and Muttiah Muralitharan has tinted the possible and the complete power and power a soaring class spin bowler can have in the game of cricket. The spin bowler can be used to sluggish the game, add force and most prominently attack batsmen. The spin bowler stir the cricket ball off the pitch rotating it sideways, as the rotating ball grips the field and twist and can also cause it to bounce erratically.

cricket pitch

A good spin bowler wishes to be able to bowl a steady line and length, is able to rotate the ball, which need lots of perform and commitment to succeed. If you are a spin bowler you should try and trial with unreliable degree of flight, speed, and angle of advance in order to mislead the batsmen.

Off spin: The off spinner aspires to spin the cricket ball from a right handed batsmen’s off side towards the leg side. Struggle to bowl just exterior of the off stump so that the ball rotate and strike the stump, also try to attract the batsmen forward on to the front foot by bowling a full length.

Once more grip the ball with your first two fingers parallel across the closure and try to increase as wide as likely apart the joints of directory and middle finger. The ball then relaxes flippantly on third finger and thumb, the spin is and shaped and passed on mainly from side to side the directory finger.

Leg spin: The leg spinner aspires to spin the cricket ball so that it spins from a right handed batsmen’swith cricket bat leg side to the off side. Once more try to pitch the ball up to the batsman to get them pending forward. Pitch the ball in line with the wickets so that the ball turns to hit the pinnacle of the off stump.

Use the first two fingers to grip the ball parallel across the seam, your third finger should be bent and running along the seam. Your thumb should rest lightly on seam and the spin is generated primarily by the third finger.

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Watson trimmings ICC all-rounder rankings

India pockets US$175,000 for final as the number-one ranked Test side while Australia receive US$175,000 for final on top of the ODI table at the 1 April cut-off date. Australia’s Shane Watson has turned out to be the top-ranked ODI all-rounder and has also achieved a career-best position to date in the Reliance ICC ODI Rankings which were released on Thursday at the end of Bangladesh and Australia series which ended on Wednesday.

Watson has pipe Shakib into number-one place in the all-rounders rankings after taking three wickets and scoring 294 runs in the series. He now leads the Bangladesh captain by a contented 44 points margin. Watson’s scores of 37, 185 not out and 72 in the series have also helped the 29-year-old Queenslander crypt nine places to a career-best fourth position. He is now the highest-ranked Australia batsman with Mike Hussey staying in sixth place, Captain Clarke rising two places to 11th spot and former captain Ricky moving one place up to 16th place.

For Bangladesh, Imrul Kayes has climbed four places to 42nd position but Shakib has slipped two places to 26th spot. In the Reliance ICC Player ranking for ODI bowlers, Johnson’s seven wickets in the series have given him a lift of seven places and he now sits in sixth position. Lee is the other Australia bowler who has improved his ranking as he has returned to the top 20 in 20th place after a jump of three places.

The news for Bangladesh bowlers is not very good as Razzak, Shakib and Mortaza have dropped in the latest rankings. Razzak has fallen five places to 11th position, Shakib has fall three places to 15th spot and Mortaza has fall four places to 36th place. Meanwhile, India and Australia have won US$175,000 each for finishing as the number-one ranked sides in Test and ODI Championship tables, respectively at the 1 April 2011 cut-off date.

India has been sitting on top of the Test Championship table since December 2009 while Australia has been occupy the number-one position on the ODI Championship table since leapfrogging South Africa and India in September 2009.In addition to the US$175,000, India has also pocketed US$75,000 for final as the second-ranked ODI team while South Africa has also earned US$75,000 for ending in second place in the Test Championship table at the cut-off date.

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Tips for batting strokes

Nothing can very be better-looking to watch on the cricket field, than to see a batsman in filled flow. Even world class bowlers have admitted to being besieged when they see a batsman in full sway. So we earthly beings stand no chance but become besieged by a good batting display. Batting is not an easy thing to do in a cricket field, be it any condition. There are several cricket batting tips that need to be implementing properly, if a player wants to bat really well in a cricket match. The batsman must have a proper knowledge and idea about all the batting tips that he can catch hold of. The aptitude of a batsman is ably displayed if he knows all the cricket batting tips. The real test of the character that a batsman goes through is in the test matches, where the batsman needs to stay at the crease as long as possible.

The first and leading batting tip, which every cricketer needs to follow is proper footwork. Footwork is the most crucial aspect of batting and a batsman must have excellent footwork to play different kinds of shot. In this modern era of fast paced Cricket, still there are lot of players who are well- known for their footwork and sound nature. Great players like Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara of West Indies and Ricky Ponting of Australia are renowned all over the world due to their excellent footwork and strokeplay. Apart from these players, the Indian Captain Rahul Dravid has gained the tag of”The Wall” because of his footwork mutual with outstanding timing. So if you are dreaming of one day becoming like any of these great players, you surely know from where to start now. Well this is just the beginning.

One of the major recompense of having a good footwork is that it allows you to time the ball very well and place the ball completely in the gaps. Proper footwork enables you to be in the best position to hit any ball entirely with your cricket bat. Work really hard on your footwork if you want to perfect the art of batting and hit different types of shot. Timing of your shots also becomes perfect if you have a good and good footwork and sound technique.

A batsman must have the ideal grip to be able to play the entire stroke properly. The ideal grip on the bat must be both the hands jointly at the handle of the bat. Make sure that your grip is neither too loose nor too tight. The correct grip allows you to bat with flair and also does not restrict you in playing any of the shots. So take care of the grip you have and see if you need to make any alteration in your existing grip. Maybe the grip is that thing which is not operational out properly for your batting.

Batting is one of the most thrilling components of a cricket match. One way of perfecting your batting is from side to side playing each ball according to its merit. It is not possible every time for a bowler to ball six good balls in an over and also it is very rare that you will receive six bad balls in an over. Remember it takes only one good ball to get you out. So watch each and every ball very carefully and watch out for cricket balls that may prove for your undoing. Watch out for that ball.

Keep watching the ball in the bowlers hand till the ball is delivered. If you follow this carefully you can very easily find out what type of ball the bowler is going to convey. If you do this then you can be prepared in go forward to face the type of ball being bowled to you and then adjust your footwork and shots accordingly. Always remember to follow cricket batting tips if you want to be a successful batsman.

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Shopping Tips on Buying a Batting Gloves

Whenever you start playing cricket, it is not easy to decide the significant cricket gear that is wanted at the time of the cricket. So it is best to always work out about the equipments that you wanted at the time of the game. Cricket is a sport in which selecting right of gear is must to make game a victory. The most significant cricket equipment is batting gloves. The correct type of gear is essential for the batsman, such as padding, cricket helmets and gloves to shun any mishap at the time of playing the game.

The batting gloves help in defensive the fingers from the injury. There are dissimilar types of cricket gloves wanted at the time of the game that is wicket keeping gloves, batting gloves, batting inner gloves and cricket pad gloves. All these gloves are a necessary obligation of cricketers and the dissimilar types of gloves serve different reason for a person who is playing cricket. It is must to wear cricket gloves to defend the fingers from being injured by the hard hitting ball or cricket bat. The wicket keeping gloves assist the wicket keeper to with stand easily in front the fast bowlers. It also protects the fingers of the wicket keeper, as the cricket wicket keeping gloves are made of the extra foam or PU padding. These gloves have strong and flexible webbing to trap the ball which is flying.

The cricket gloves are significant for the batsman to wear as they defend the hands against the hard hitting cricket ball. The batting gloves in the cricket enhance the finger hall system for the protection and relieve. Cricket batting gloves offer double layer strengthening to the batsman. The cricket batting gloves are designed in combination with worldwide batting gloves of cricket. The cricket pad gloves are used by the cricketer to defend their legs from being injured. The cricket pad gloves are designed basically for the defense of legs of cricketer. The batting inner gloves are also available in the market for the relieve of cricketers. There also known as thin cotton gloves comes both under standard and fingerless designs. For different age groups, there are different sizes of cricket gloves accessible, such as for small boys 16.5 cm, for boys 17.5 cm, for youth 19 cm, for men 21cm and for big men it is 22.5 cm. selecting a right type size of cricket batting gloves is significant for batsman.

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Basic technique for Wicket keeping

The wicket keeper is a necessary and key part of the cricket team. Every team needs a dependable wicket keeper. As well as taking catches, stumping and taking run outs, the wicket keeper is one of the team’s most significant players: inspiring and moving the bowlers and fielders to lift their game and win. To be a wicket keeper you need quick reaction and exact judgment as you have very little time to react to such things as fast delivery especially if there are changes and divergence in the balls line due to difference in swing, movement off the pitch and edges.

Equipment for wicket keeping
-Wicket keeping gloves,
-Wicket keeping pads,

The wicket keepers posture is quite straight forward, you need to stand about one step behind the stumps, and making sure no part of your body or gear is in front of the line of the stumps. Bend down with your left foot in line with middle stump, therefore on you are bend a little on off side. Try to keep your head still and eyes level during the release to help you judge the pace and line. You should be fair and tranquil with your weight slightly forward on the balls of your feet. Be alert and ready to react to the release.

As the ball increase from the pitch, rise from the bend position with the ball, so you mirror the height of the ball. Watch the ball into your hands and catch it with your handle pointing downwards. You will need to reduce the impact of the ball hitting your gloves when catching with your hands. If the cricket ball continue to rise as it reach you, step with your outside foot backwards and across, revolving your body outwards, taking the ball on one side of the body.

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The india have performed well against the australia and Men in blue is all set to clash with men in green in one of the most eagerly awaited world cup semi final matches in 2011 on 30th March. Men in green has never beaten men in blue in World cup and with the strong performances of the men in blue especially that of Yuvi, Men in blue is all set for the battle at Mohali. What more does a cricket fan want than this thrilling event?

Australia cricket captain, Ponting feels men in blue have the required firepower to outclass Afridi and his Pakistan when the arc-rival play each added in the World Cup semifinal on 30 March adding that INDIAN Captain and his men justify a World Cup win this time.

Umpires: Simon Taufel and Ian Gould will take charge of the potentially-volatile World Cup semifinal between Men in green and Men in blue here at the PCA Stadium on March 30.International Cricket Council announced Ranjan Madugalle will be the match referee. Billy Bowden (third umpire), Rod Tucker (fourth umpire) are the other officials for the eagerly-expected encounter. Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has accepted an invite from his India Prime minister to watch the cricket World Cup semi-final match between Men in blue and Men in green in Mohali March 30.

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Cricket Tips – Successful Cool Down Key Factors

The major purpose of the cool down is to support recovery and transform the body to a pre exercise or pre work out state. Because during a tiring work out, your body exists through many hectic procedures where your Muscle fibres, tendons and ligaments get injured and waste products build up within your body. On carrying out cool down correctly, will help your body in its restore development.

Now we know the value of cool down and lets have a glance at the structure of an successful cool down. There are three key factors which should be followed to make sure an effective and absolute cool down. They are;

1. Gentle exercise
2. Stretching and
3. Re-fuel.

All three factors are equally essential and none to be ignored of as not necessary. All three factors work mutually to restore and reload the body after exercise.

Following is an example of effective cool downs for both professional athletes like cricketers and amateurs like who simply exercises for general health, fitness and fun.

Cool Down Schedules


  • 10-15 minutes of simple exercise that resembles the exercise that was followed during your work out. For example, if your workout had lot of running, cool down with simple jogging or walking.
  • Have some deep breathing as a part of your simple exercise to help out oygenate your system.
  • Follow with stretching for about 20-30 minutes. Static stretching and PNF stretching is generally good.
  • Re-fuel. Both fluid and food are significant. Drink ample of water along with best quality of sports drink. Take food which is easily digestable after a work out, like fruits.

On considering your cool down and following the above example will ensure you to recover faster from your work outs and stay injury free.

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Sweep and Reverse Sweep Shots

The two batting shots which are rarely applied in cricket are the sweep and the reverse sweep. Especially reverse sweep is hardly applied. Though both shots can be applied in certain batting circumstances and are also a powerful technique to score runs.

There is a high factor of menace involved in the sweep shot, therefore good decision and brilliant timing is important. Don’t play the sweep and reverse sweep in the beginning of your innings particularly to straight deliveries, because it’s not a good plan to perform it until you observe how the pitch is playing and the bowler performance. For an instance, if the ball hanged about low it would be relatively easy to misjudge and get out LBW or bowled which you absolutely have to avoid, so remain patient and play wisely.

The both sweep and reverse sweep are cross batted shots and should be perfectly played to slow down deliveries of good length. To play the orthodox sweep shot, wait for the ball to be released first before making any movement.


Once you have decided the sweep shot for the ball, step your front foot as far down the wicket in the direction of the pitch of the ball. Now as you are stepping forward bend both the knees simultaneously so that your whole body is positioned down. Let your back knee touch the ground to perform as an added foot of support. Try to remain balanced and comfortable. Take the bat down from the off side and across the ball in the direction of the leg side and aim to hit it either in front of or at the back of square leg.

To play the reverse sweep, put on the same positions as for the orthodox sweep, but this time, keep your bat down and cross-ways from leg side towards the off side as if you are aiming to hit the ball through the channel area. This shot involves a very good synchronization and timing, since you have to twist the bat so that the bat face faces the off side at the point of contact without disturbing your grip.

Keep in mind that the sweep and reverse sweep are relatively tough shots to master and bear quite a lot of risk. So if you plan to use them, practice the shots in the nets to build the confidence and skilled enough to apply so.

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The Cricket Ground

The cricket ground differs in sizes. The majority grounds on which endorsed matches are played measure about 137 meters wide and 150 meters long. The wickets are 22 yards (20.12 meters) spaced out in the centre of the field. Players positioned opposite and parallel to each other. The region between the wickets is known as pitch.

Every wicket measures 9 inches (22.9) centimeters wide. The stumps of each wicket are placed close enough mutually so that the ball cannot pass among any two of the stumps. The head of the stumps rest 28 inches (71.1 centimeters) from the ground. The bails are 43/8 inches (11.1 centimeters long) and reside in furrows on top of the stumps. The bails should not go up more than ½ inch (13 millimeters) above the stumps.

Creases are the specific boundaries marked with the white lines drawn by chalk or lime. The bowling crease line is drawn through the stump of each wicket. It is 8 feet 8 inches (2.64 meters) length, with the central stump of the wicket at its middle. The popping crease is a line drawn 4 feet (1.22) meters in front of the bowling crease. The popping crease lengthens at least 6 feet (1.83 meters) on any side of the centre of the wicket, but it’s measured to be limitless in length. Return crease are the lines drawn from each end of the bowling crease. The return creases lengthen forward to the popping crease and backward at least 4 feet (1.2 meters) behind the bowling crease. Nevertheless, the return creases have no limits. The bowler should deliver the ball with the front foot behind the popping crease, where the back foot must be between the return creases.

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